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Cropcircles (in German: Kornkreise) are real and physically existent and can be visited as well as experienced. Many people have heard about this phenomenon in the media, but the coverage is often biased: either it is seen as a practical joke by students or pensioners, or it is embedded in dogmatic, unfactual, and unscientific »research«. There is seldom an objective coverage which does justice to this art in the fields.

At you’ll find pictures of these fascinating events in summerly crop and you can use as a portal for the topic cropcircles in the internet.

The artistic aspects of the crop formations as well as their psychological and sociological effects on the spectators are our main focus. Furthermore we’ll inform you about significant new events and news about crop circles in general.

We wish you a lot of fun with and, of course, the cropcircles and look forward to your suggestions and opinions.

Florian Bunner – Harald Hoos

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